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Portrait of Rerenga, smiling into the camera. She has her mid-length hair down. Her hair is brown with red tips. She wears sword earrings and a green shirt.

Hi! My name is Rerenga and I'm a professional cosplayer, full-time content creator and lingerie model.

I started cosplay as a hobby in 2018 and it quickly became my biggest passion. Through it I also discovered a knack for photography and makeup. Through my work I want to spread positivity and
 maybe even inspire people to get creative themselves.

About Me


Ever wanted to be like your favorite
character from a show, book, movie?

How about becoming them? 

No matter how intricate the makeup...

Portrait of Rerenga cosplaying Huntara from SheRa - Princesses of Power. She looks to the side with a smirk, arms folded. Her skin is pinkish purple, she has pointy ears and an undercut with her white long hair worn in a high ponytail.

... or how complex the character design...

Portrait of Rerenga cosplaing as Argo from the Podcast "The Adventure Zone". He's a watre genasi, has blue scaly skin, a moustache and beard, pointy ears and long, dark blue, wavy hair. He holds up a lemon and a lime, looking to the side.

... let's take on the challenge!

Portrait of Rerenga cosplaying a yellow skinned, horned tiefling lady with black hair worn down. She smiles while looking to the side, arms streched out on both sides. She wears a black and blue dress.
Cover of the Cosplay Realm Magazine showing Rerenga as Beauregard from Critical Role

I'm in the Cosplay Realm Magazine!

Buy CRM #48 The Third Annual

Dungeons & Dragons Issue

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